Hop To It National Frog Survey Ireland


Every year IPCC needs the help of people all over Ireland to take part in the National Frog Survey Ireland. Please record where frogs, spawn and tadpoles occur in the Hop to It Irish Frog Survey.

There are a few options available to you to send your frog record (including frog spawn, tadpoles, adult frogs or froglets) to the IPCC.

  1. Fill in the survey form below (please note that if the “Submit” button is not active on your computer or other device you cannot fill the form below in on line, please choose the next option).
  2. Download a microsoft word version of the form from this link:  Blank-Frog-Survey-card. You can fill this form in on your own computer then send it to IPCC as an email attachment at bogs@ipcc.ie
  3. You can print the form, complete it by hand then post it to IPCC at: Hop To It Frog Survey 2015, IPCC, Lullymore, Rathangan, Co. Kildare.
  4. You can request a printed copy of the survey card from the IPCC office if you prefer. Just email your request to bogs@ipcc.ie with your name and address asking for the National Frog Survey Ireland 2014 Form. You can also telephone the IPCC for a card on Telephone: 045-860133.

Whatever way you choose to send us your record please make sureto give the IPCC all the information they have asked for.  Thanks very much for your help!

National Frog Survey Ireland – Tip

* Please enter a grid reference for where you made your observation. You can find the grid reference for your observation by visiting www.biology.ie/convert and clicking on the map! You can then copy the grid reference into the space provided.