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Campaign Vision

Ireland pioneers ocean protection within the EU by putting in place ambitious legislation by 2025 and highly protecting 10 percent of its EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) with a clear pathway for realising at least 30 by 2030.

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Campaign Goal

A political advocacy and public engagement campaign, underpinned by scientific and legal research, for robust, evidence-based, Marine Protection Areas in Irish waters.

This campaign will seek an ambitious framework for the designation and effective delivery of an ecologically coherent network of well-managed and well-resourced MPAs which protect and restore our natural marine environment.

The campaign aims to secure designations comprising a minimum of 10 percent highly protected areas by 2025, with a clear pathway for achieving at least 30 percent by 2030.

Designation using a whole site/ecosystem approach is required, with robust legislation to deliver this. This would make Ireland a European leader with potentially global significance in marine protection through the establishment of a diverse range of ecologically coherent, representative, well-managed Marine Protected Areas.

Key Partners

  1. Irish Wildlife Trust
  2. BirdWatch Ireland
  3. Coastwatch
  4. Coomhola Salmon Trust
  5. Friends of the Irish Environment
  6. Irish Whale and Dolphin Group
  7. SWAN
  8. Irish Environmental Network